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How do I transplant lilac bush from family farm in Oklahoma to my yard in DFW area, treasure needs my backyard

I want to transplant famlily heirloom lilac plant from Grady county, Oklahoma to the DFW area, need help as to how, when and suggestions to keep this treasure alive. I have year round access to the old farm. Help me bring this to my home in DFW, I have a very green thumb and know I will put every effort transfering, planting and nurishing this part of family history.I need to have this in my yard

How do I transplant lilac bush from family farm in Oklahoma to my yard in DFW area, treasure needs my backyard
Best to wait till fall to transplant them. In relatively mild winter areas such as Texas %26amp; OK, fall is the preferred time for transplanting shrubs. Prune back the plant hard %26amp; take as large a soil/root ball as possible. Have you considered cuttings?

Many lilacs do not bloom very well in areas with low amount of cold days such as the DFW are.

Good luck.
Reply:LOVE lilacs!! Good for you for trying this. That site that Golden suggested is great -- I just checked it out. Just wanted to emphasize the transplant season should be early spring, before the buds break. This way the shrub is still dormant and will suffer less transplant shock. This is very important!! This from my husband with 25 years experience in major landscape work, including transplating some of the largest trees on the east coast!! Good luck.
Reply:Dig it up in the spring, after it blooms but before June 1st. If the bush isn%26#039;t real big, put the roots in a 5 gallon bucket of water. If it%26#039;s a big bush, you%26#039;re gonna have to dig up a rootball. Once you get the rootball out of the ground, wrap it in burlap. As you are transporting it, check the rootball and make sure it is always moist. When you get the lilac to it%26#039;s new home, dig a big enough hole in the ground for it. If you%26#039;re planting the rootball, make sure there is at leat a foot of space around the ball after it is put in the ground. Make sure the top of the ball is level with the top of the hole. Put a mixture of regular dirt, potting soil, and fertilizer in the hole before you put the lilac in there, then fill around the lilac with the same mixture. Make sure you pull the burlap away from the rootball so that the roots can spread out. Pack down the soil mixture and water very well. Make sure you water it every day for several weeks.
Reply:The lilac sprouts many smaller plant stems as it grows - depending on its age, it can get to be huge. I have a couple, one over thirty years old and over 20 feet high.

The root mass isn%26#039;t particularly deep, but there will be a deep taproot, and the root mass will spread wide.

Start several feet away from the roots, and dig shallow and;re going to want to loosen the whole lilac%26#039;s grip on the ground. Eventually, when you get it loose enough, you can gently rock it and take it up. Try not to break off too much of the taproot.

Plant it in a large garbage can with enough dirt to cover the roots completely. Water it well. In the truck, lay it on its side, and brace it so the dirt doesnt fall off the roots too much. Carry some gallon jugs of water.

Stop every couple of hours and water it again. When you get to Dallas, plant it as soon as possible, adding some Miricle Grow to the water.

I love the lilac%26#039;s smell. Enjoy!
Reply:read this:

good luck.
Reply:Cut around the roots about three feet out. Water. Wait three days. Then cut down and under a bit all around. water. Wait three days. Then prune it back quite a bit, and move it to its new spot. Water frequently and cross your fingers.

Some folks recommend stripping all the leaves off (since shock death is caused by water loss through the leaves. Removing the leaves will reduce dehydration, and trees and shrubs can survive a deleafing)

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Can you clone a lilac bush?

My wife wants a lilac bush and my mother has a huge one at her


Is there any way I can cut a few branches off and get them to

grow and regrow year after year if I planted them?

Can you clone a lilac bush?
u should b able to, u need to get sum root hormone to help the roots start off
Reply:Yeah. I did that. I took a little seedling. It looked like it died but a couple months later it is a pretty and green. it will take a while for it to grow big though. I love lilac. mmm..


David's Bridal Victorian lilac satin wedding wrap needed by May 17th!!!?

Does anyone know have a victorian lilac satin wedding wrap they would be willing to sell and ship to Maryland? I need 2 or 3 more of these for my May 17th wedding. Thanks so much!!!!

David%26#039;s Bridal Victorian lilac satin wedding wrap needed by May 17th!!!?
Is there some reason your local David%26#039;s Bridal won%26#039;t order them for you?

What area are you in? Is there more than one Davids within your area? $20 for shipping and handling is outrageous. It%26#039;s not like they have to be overnighted, Your wedding is almost a month away. Sorry I couldn%26#039;t be more help.
Reply:check ebay! they have almost everything!

this might help....not sure.

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I'm thinking of painting my room lilac and white. what colour curtains should I use? I?

I dont want the curtains to be in lilac. what about white sheers and Ivory colored swags? or should I use lilac swags . Please help me out here....

I%26#039;m thinking of painting my room lilac and white. what colour curtains should I use? I?
A rule of thumb is to stand at the entrance to your room and let your eyes sweep the room. While looking through your room in this manner see what stands out and catches your eyes the most. Is that what you want your eyes to catch?

Do you want your windows to blend in and not stand out?

If you want then to be the focal point of your room that you want to choose colors that will naturally draw your eyes to them. That would be maybe white and a bright contrasting color. Doesn%26#039;t have to be really bright but not dull.

A great contrasting color for shades of purple, lavender, ECT. is yellow. So white curtons with yellow swags would work. You just want a little brightness not a lot unless you like strong attractions. Than bright curtons with a small print on them would be great.

If you want a more blended look and want your windows to flow with the colors and not stand out, you would want to choose flowing colors, that don%26#039;t contrast.

Now the best way to figure this all out before you actually take the steps to do this is to get samples of the colors you are thinking about, or better yet several different varying colors and set them all on your window sill along with the paint colors and step back into your entrance to the room. Look at the colors from that distance and see how well you like them. Change the sample colors and try other samples. This way you can easily find the colors that are right for you and will work best for your taste in color combinations.

Plus looking at the samples from a distance will enable you to see what they will look like together before you actually have to live with them.
Reply:I think that white and lilac sheers would be beautiful together. I wouldn%26#039;t do the ivory, ivory and white don%26#039;t always look good together.
Reply:The lilac and white is a lovely combination. The ivory will not work, as it will appear dingy.

Perhaps white sheers and a soft print swags?

Green is opposite lilac on a color wheel, so a print that has white/lilac/green/yellow will work beautifully. The darker the green the better. Think about the color of the leaves on a lilac plant.

hope this helps.
Reply:If you do not want the curtains to be lilac- than go with your gut instinct. White sheers would be really pretty. But you could also use this as a chance to add an accent color other than lilac and white. My best advice is to bring painted boards in your color(s) with you when you shop for your curtains and if you own a digital camera- an actual picture of the window. This will help you visualize the finished look better.

Good Luck!
Reply:If you paint the window wall lilac, the white curtains will be pretty. Do not use ivory and white; pick one [ the white will make the ivory look dirty ].

Lilac swags would also look nice with white sheers.

Add tiny bits of plum, and a bit of gold [ brass ] or silver [ chrome ] in lamps, vase or flowerpot, candles, holders, and ornaments.

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Why does my common lilac have yellow leafs?


I have a young commmon lilac plant (three stems out of one plant and about 50cm high). All the leafs are breaking and are turning yellow. I can%26#039;t see any pests on it, no bugs, etc.

Does anyone know what it might be?

Why does my common lilac have yellow leafs?
I wouldn%26#039;t worry too much. It%26#039;s probably down to the crap weather we have had this year. Plants have been very confused with what%26#039;s been happening and a lot of them think that it is now autumn so are getting ready to die back for the winter!
Reply:There is only one thing I can think of and that is you must have used the same watering can that you used for weed killer. The watering can should be rinsed out.
Reply:it could possible be under watered and not getting enough sunlight.

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How do I promote lilac bush re-flowering? When cutting for the flowers how much branch should I cut?

I just bought a house with several large lilac bushes. And I%26#039;ve always loved them. I believe that they re-flower all summer and know enough to know that feeding and cutting the blooms with have an impact upon this, But that%26#039;s about the end of my knowledge, can anyone help?

How do I promote lilac bush re-flowering? When cutting for the flowers how much branch should I cut?
While most lilacs bloom only once a year, there%26#039;s one lilac that flowers heavily in late spring and early summer, then repeats every now and again right through fall %26amp; It is the ....

Josee Lilac.

Why not add this dwarf lilac as a great stand alone specimen? It%26#039;s just 4-6%26#039; tall with a 4-5%26#039; spread (1) Very resistant to mildew . One caution: %26quot;You probably won%26#039;t get summer reblooms in hot climates, but she may have a surprise for you in the cooler fall months!%26quot; (2)This is an ultra-hardy blend of Korean, Littleleaf, and Meyer%26#039;s Lilacs.Growing Zones 4 - 8

To promote reblooming of this lilac, cut all the fragrant lavender-pink blooms you want for bouquets, and deadhead the rest promptly. This will give Josee the signal that you%26#039;re ready for some reblooms. Plant in full sun and provide adequate moisture.

For trimming the Lilac bushes you already have, prune to provide good air circulation (since most Lilacs are prone to powdery mildew disease). Do this right after blooming is over. In addition to branch pruning, cut the dead flowers off when they%26#039;re done blooming. This will prevent the seed from forming and thereby promote more profuse flowering the next spring. Cut back to a leaf node to force it to bush out. (3) (4)

I like this 3-yr plan from %26quot;Cut suckers and shoots at or near ground level or where it comes out of the main trunk. Leave a few strong and healthy new stalks each year, especially if you are planning to trim back old wood. Trim larger stems from the center of the bush to increase ventilation. It will also afford more room for newer shoots on the outside of the plant to develop. Trim back any branches that stick out from the main bush and are not appealing to you.%26quot; (5)

Another more drastic method for older Lilacs is to %26quot;cut the entire plant back to within 6 to 8 inches of the ground in late winter (March or early April). This severe pruning will induce a large number of shoots to develop during the growing season. In late winter of the following year, select and retain several strong, healthy shoots to form the shrub framework and remove all the others at ground level. Head (cut) back the retained shoots to just above a bud to encourage branching.%26quot; (6) Hope this helps!
Reply:To the third nub.
Reply:They only bloom once a year--then you prune them back in the fall. Make sure it%26#039;s fall tho or they won%26#039;t bloom next year--I made that mistake one year lol.
Reply:Most lilacs only bloom once a year.
Reply:it will only bloom once....early spring! and if it%26#039;s like the rest of us.. it got hit by that bad freeze which caused most lilac bushes to not flower at all! watch what u prune off and only prune once about late spring.. cuz it takes the rest of the year to %26quot;set%26quot; buds for flowers next year. blog

Pruning an overgrown lilac bush?

I have just moved into a new home and have a neglected lilac bush. Small maple shoots are sprouting around it, branches are broken, but still have blooms on the end, the branches are bending from the heavy wieght. I have looked online and it says to prune after flowers die, then I see that is also says to prune in late winter...I am wondering if I can prune it down now or have to wait?

Pruning an overgrown lilac bush?
Lilacs set flower buds on old prune it immediately after blooming so you don%26#039;t waste any of those flower buds. First remove all broken/dead stems as they just invite disease/decay causing pathogens.

Then look at reducing the living portion by no more than one third. Taking out the largest (oldest) cane might be all you need to do. Next year do the same thing, then the year after that. After three or four years you have a brand new shrub that should be blooming like crazy.

And of course get those maples out of there.......
Reply:prune after it blooms so you can enjoy the blooms.

Cut back inside if you can to open up to give it an airy feel inside.

Cut out the maple shoots that you see - they are really weeds to you in this location.

When you prune it prune it back as far as you feel you need. Bear in mind there is a chance that you are sacrificing next years bloooms. This is going to be a small price to pay to ensure that you will have a healthy bush for further years.

The general rule when pruning is to prune back for shape and form and then after that prune hard by cutting away about 1/3 of the branches to air out and refresh to tree/bush.

Any branches that seem to be rubbing against wach other need to be removed. Also branches going straight up should be pruned off as they are anyway unlikely to produce blooms and just prevent airflow within the bush.

Welcome to your new pkace. Enjoy the home and the garden

Oh yeah, the reason sometimes for the late winter idea is you cna prune away anything that has died.
Reply:You can prune it at anytime but pruning when the plant is dormant reduces the risk of infections entering the cut.It should flush out before fall if you prune now and may have time to set buds for next year before fall.

If it has been badly neglected you are best advised to prune it right back to 6 inches above the ground even though you will need to wait for the plant to resume flowering. In my area that would be a miss only.

If it a grafted tree, prune any shoots below the graft right off and keep them o0ff in the future.

As it regrows you can do maintenance pruning yearly after flowering and have a heavier, tighter flowering bush.
Reply:The only time a lilac can be pruned is when all flowers in the spring die. When you cut the dead flowers off you can shape and clean up the habit of the tree (bush).

I don%26#039;t know about you but I always like to know why. After the flowers die, the lilac starts working on producing the buds that will become your flowers next year. These buds are held inside and can not be seen this summer. Trust me though they are there. If you prune any other time of the year your lilac will not blossom next year.
Reply:Always prune 1/3 of the bush right after it blooms. Then you may prune it down to a manageable size. The area left unpruned will bloom next year,while the pruned section will not. Then prune that section down to size next spring after it blooms to even out the shrub. Always start by pruning out any dead and crossed branches. All lilacs bloom on last years wood. Don%26#039;t worry it%26#039;ll be a vigorous growing blooming plant once pruned. Pruning actually stimulates the roots and more blooms.
Reply:Prune it after it is best to prune it so it is only 3or 4 foot high from the will not flower again for 2 or 3 years but it will be a nice looking scrub...also remove dead matter as for the maples i had that problem also i just kept cutting and pulling them out it takes a while to get rid of them maybe a nursery can give u a better idea on that.